Heronview Raw and Natural

Food the way nature intended

Have a look around at a few of the items you will see in the store this is a very small sampling of our product list

Beef Brisket is a great meaty chew with soft bones. Suitable for all dogs large and small. Very easy to cut into smaller pieces.

Beef cheeks very meaty and the dogs love them. We cut them into appox 6oz cubes.  Great source of Iron , Zinc ,potassium , Magnesium , Thiamin ,B6  

Excellent muscle meat





Oxtail   Ground Lamb    Beef heart 

 Fresh Ground Chicken looks good enought to eat!

Packaged in 2lb bags


Ground beef frozen into brick form



 Fresh Meaty Bones





                 Beef wind pipe   hoofers - stuffed cow hoof        

Ground organ meat (heart,tripe,lung,liver) by the brick or cubes





     Goat chunks

                                                                                   Lamb Flanks


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